The first outputs of the EEMC are a web-based archive and adatabase of the electoral campaign for the 2019 European election,which is freely available online.
EEMC has collected more than 11,000 electoral materials including posters, Tv commercials, social posts and printed announcements, produced by 418 political parties or candidates and 193 of their official Facebook accounts, in the 28 Nations called to vote. It is undoubtedly the largest archive of the 2019 European elections and documents several trends of the European electoral campaigns. These include the main issues of the electoral battle, the uses of different instruments of communication and the fast diffusion of the new ones, the languages and the words of the political parties, the general sentiments and moods toward the European institutions and their representatives and, finally, the political cultures andtraditions present in Europe.
The EEMC web-archive and its database are open not only to European voters and citizens, the first targets of the project, but alsoto scholars, journalists, students, professionals of communication and to anyone interested to know the contents of the 2019 European election campaign and the different forms which have been developed and disseminated around Europe.In the development of the EEMC website and its IT architecture, the possibility to enrich and integrate the database with the materials produced in previous European elections has been considered, thus proceeding to the future creation of an extensive archive of all European electoral campaigns.

The second outputs of the EEMC are the classification and the analysis of the 2019 European elections campaign. In this report,which closed only a few weeks after the vote, quantitative data and some general results are presented. It was, in fact, impossible in such a short time to go deeply into the database and to analyse such a large quantity of information obtained through three codebooks containing more than 50 variables of analysis. More detailed reports and more in-depth publications are planned by the EEMC for the future.

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