The electoral campaign for the 2019 European elections is not uniform and homogeneous. It would be better talk of 28 different election campaigns. In fact there are many peculiarities and differences among the 28 countries. Starting from the electoral laws and the duration of the electoral campaigns, passing through the regulation of political ads in private and public televisions, ending with the possibility of using public or commercial spaces for the posters. In addition to that in some countries the European election coincides with other elections, general or local. The simultaneity of different elections can support the participation in voting, reducing the absenteeism but, on the other hand, distracts the European elections campaign from European topics. 

As a result, national themes tend to prevail over European ones. A trend well known to those who know the European election campaigns. On the other hand, the 2019 European electoral campaign also shows some new features, starting with the ever increasing use by the political parties of social networks.

Aim of the European Elections Monitoring Center is to monitor and analyze the European election campaign in the 28 nations called to the vote.

In the second general report below you find the main trends and results of the ongoing research.

EEMC report EU overview

EEMC report eu country content

EEMC report content dimension

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EEMC report electoral topic

EEMC report emotional analysis

EEMC report eu campaign intensity