Following the successful experience of the previous Platform Europe project, EEMC Network 20-23 aims to create an international network focused on the conservation, dissemination, analysis, and study of the electoral materials produced for the European Elections over the years. 

Primary goals of the Network 20-23 will be:
  • to create a digital and online archive devoted to all the European Elections held since 1979;
  • to publish a database of archives, foundations, private and public libraries, and political parties who collect European electoral materials;
  • to organize four conferences focused on different issues of the European election campaigns;
  • to produce publications about different activities of the project and issues on EU elections campaigns;
  • to realize an Online educational course about European Elections. 

Principal investigator and coordinator of EEMC Network 20-23 is Professor Edoardo Novelli (Roma Tre University). Coordinator and members of the research units are professor Norbert Merkovity (University of Szeged), professor Stamatis Poulakidakos (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), professor Dominic Wring (Loughborough University), and professor Bengt Johansson (Gothenburg University).